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Icynene LD-C-50™

Icynene LD-C-50™ is a ½ lb/ft3 density, 100% water blown soft spray foam insulation and air barrier material. Its performance is less installation sensitive than factory manufactured insulation materials. It is an effective "breathing" air barrier that can adjust with the building to maintain a seal against energy robbing air leakage for the life of the building.

Icynene MD-R-210™

Icynene MD-R-210 is the first water-blown, 2 lb/ft3, closed cell foam in
the marketplace today. It provides both an air barrier and vapor retarder
to a building and contains significant recycled content. Because it is a
water blown foam, there is no off gassing or loss of R-value that occurs
with all other chemically blown closed cell foams. Icynene MD-R-210 offers
performance advantages such as higher R-value per inch, low vapor permeance
and ability to add structural strength to a building assembly. Please
contact Thermal Comfort, Inc. to learn more about this revolutionary new

How it Works

Icynene is applied by spraying liquid components onto an open wall, crawl space or ceiling surface. It adheres to virtually all surfaces, sealing out air infiltration. Excess material is easily trimmed off, leaving a surface ready for drywall or other finish.

Icynene LD-C-50 Spray Foam Spec Sheet

Icynene MD-R-210™ Spec Sheet

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